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Camellia Café MCU gives children or students initial knowledge of Electronics.


In Camellia Café MCU Lab, you will get basic knowledge of Electronics, Mechanisms and Software programming.

在Camellia Café 单片机实验室,您可以轻松学习到基本的电子、电机、机械以及软件编程知识。

Servo motor is widely used as an actuator of autonomous cars, robots and droids.


A Servo Motor is a self-close loop. But only have a high performance motor is not enough. The motor-driven chips, encoder and algorithm play important roles. All keep servo motor with high accuracy in speed / torque, degree / position, time period feedback control.


With Wifi Bluetooth/BLE and Cellular, it will be feasible to manipulate them from PCs, Pads and phones. What's more, this make it easy to connect to Internet and Cloud Database.


Mechanism is the body of Autonomous Cars, Robots and Droids.


It is the mechanism that fulfills the movement.


Gear, Belt or Chain and Linkage are three major transmission mechanisms.


This is a simple gear transmission. Due to different teeth of these gears, the speed is reduced with torque increased.


Chain or belt is another type movement transmission. It could transmit movement in a long distance.


Worm gear is a special gear. It can only transmit from worm to spur. The reverse is infeasible.


Linkage is a third type of movement transmission. Crosshead is another key element.


However, we are familiar with numbers and letters. Only with Binary, it is hard for a robot to communication with us. It is the ASCII code that instructs a robot to  recognize or display letters.


Program, or called Code, is the body of the algorithm. It is the program and code that instruct Autonomous Cars, Robots and Droids to perform their action.


No matter Assembly Language, or Objective Oriented / Procedure Oriented Language; no matter C, C++, Basic, Java, or Visual C++, C#, even Swift, Python… Don’t worry about so many types of platforms and codes. If you master one of them, you will be familiar with others. When working, you only need to decide which code language is asked as the hardware / platform requires and as your preference, even new type code is coming, after learning in a very short time, you will get that new and get done with your program.

编程语言的家族庞大丰富,无论是汇编语言,还是面向对象或面向过程的语言;无论是经典的C,C++, Basic, Java, Visual C++, C#, 还是新兴的Swift和Python等等,你不需要逐个掌握。编程语言一通百通,你仅需要熟识一门语言,掌握数据结构和编程思路。在具体使用中根据你的需要,经过需要和短期的学习,便可轻松使用任何一种语言完成你们杰作。

Different hardware and different platforms support different code languages.


Some hardware such as the controller MCU in Camellia Café Model uses language which is very close to C.


Windows support a lot of languages, C, C++, C# and Visual C++ are fittest. Visual Studio is their develop tool.

视窗系统最为大家熟悉,支持C,C++,C#和Visual C++等等。Visual Studio是其开发工具。

Android (based on Linux) phones and pads use Java. Andthe develop tool is Android Studio.

安卓系统(基于Linux)广泛在谷歌、三星、华为、小米等手机和平板中使用。Android Studio是其应用程序的开发工具。

iOS or Mac OS (based on Unix) which is in your iphones, ipads or Macs use Objective-C or Swift. Their develop tool is Xcode.


Welcome to Camellia Café !

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